I am an Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology. Currently I am acting as a Senior Research Scientist working on the acquisition of writing and reading with Rebecca Treiman in the Reading and Language Lab in the Psychological & Brain Sciences Department at Washington University in St. Louis with support from the National Science Foundation. I am interested in computational and statistical approaches to language, particularly in the fields of phonology, historical linguistics, and the lexicon. My PhD dissertation in the Stanford Department of Linguistics explored how to statistically test the historical connections between languages. A few more specifics below and in my CV.

ORCID: 0000-0001-5759-0193
Email: at wustl.edu: bkessler
WWW: http://spell.psychology.wustl.edu/bkessler.html
Picture: Official Psychology Department photo
Greetings: Courtesy of Dudley’s Voder.